We are an agency of talented producers, project managers and broadcast professionals working together with innovative technologies to deliver events and rich content design to audiences around the world. We will connect you to the people who matter most, and provide opportunities for engagement and fun in a personalized way.

Our areas of expertise include:

Virtual Events

Virtual solutions for your online event
Gathering and live group events are on pause right now, but your message and the success of your business is not. There are a host of virtual tools and platforms out there which can be confusing for some. Knowing which one that is best for you and your audience is what we do best!

Our event production services include:

  • Creative 

  • Video Production

  • Graphic Design

  • Presenter &
    Speaker Coaching ​

  • Managed Services 

  • Produced Experiences 

  • Platform Build-Outs

  • Sponsor  Strategies 


Hybrid Solutions

Bringing the best of both Live and Virtual Event worlds together.
Delivering a high impact, in-person event to a select few while broadcasting, educating and entertaining a global audience virtually.
20 years of connecting audiences worldwide through the design of quality messaging and memorable experiences, all fused with our broadcast experts and the most innovative and reliable virtual events tools available.


Ideal for Product Launches & Training Conferences involving strategic campaigns that benefit from immediate and lasting attention beyond the live event.

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Content Development

Video Production,
Graphic & Presentation Design
Building presentations or producing custom content that effectively leverage your brand messaging. Our creative and content development process 
goes way beyond just production so your message is both sustainable and accountable.

We have seen the need for a more purposeful and integrated approach to creative content production to increase efficiency and ROI. When we say, “purposeful" we mean creative tied to specific strategic goals and metrics.

Our Content Development Services Include

  • Graphic Design 

  • Agency Alteration

  • Post-Event Deliverables 

  • Video Production

  • Scripting 

  • Presentation Development



Captivating Your Audience’s Attention
Keeping your attendees engaged throughout your event is challenging in of its own right. We have developed the presentation tools, networking opportunities and educational modules that enhance levels of participation.

Programs We Can Provide

  • Paperless Meeting Materials

  • Interactive Polling

  • Touch Screen Solutions

  • "Contact-ivity

  • Competitive Knowledge based Challenges

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Augmented Reality 


Edu-tainment & Gamification

Fun. Reinforcement. Retention.
There is a formula to keeping your audience engaged, derived from entertaining live audiences for over 20 years.


  • Teambuilding 

  • Competitive Knowledge Based Challenges

  • Online Gamification

  • Virtual Escape Rooms


Professional Moderators

Guiding your audience through a planned journey.
Our professional moderators will ensure that your audience gets the most out of every meeting or event; making sure the flow of the session is timely, on topic, and seamless. They will introduce speakers, help your audience transition between topics and sessions, and make sure the right questions are asked and answered.


  • Monitoring and Engaging in Conversations

  •  Ensuring Brand Protection and Audience Safety 

  • Escalating Critical Issues to Stakeholders

  • Reviewing Chat
    Q & A in Virtual Environment 

  • Facilitation of Workshops, Programs or Degrees in facilitation-related areas


Presenter & Speaker Coaching 

Speakers need to be coached to connect through a camera. The virtual audience will fatigue if the content isn't amazing or personal.
Regardless of the platform, the content has to be top-notch! From everyday presentations on a Zoom or Teams meetings to center stage on a large webinar presenting to thousands of faceless attendees, our speaker coaches will share valuable techniques. They will prepare presenters at every level, across all industries, to feel confident delivering their message.


  • Key Messaging Development

  • Presentation Mapping, Planning, Practicing

  • Managing Fear In Public Speaking

  • Managing Fear In Public Speaking

  • Virtual Meeting Prep

  • Speech Writing & Media Training



Increase audience engagement and build company culture through various levels of production and involved planning
National Sales Meetings, Product Launches and Executive Leadership Conferences require strict attention to detail and competent execution. We understand what it takes, and stake our company’s reputation on it.

Our event production services include:

  • Event Management​

  • Creative

  • Scripting & Presenter Coaching

  • Audio Visual Staging 

  • Graphic Design & Presentation Support 

  • Video Production



The "In-House Alternative" -
Nationwide, straight forward audio visual support.
There is a vast amount of comfort and value in knowing who you are working with, and the quality of attention your program’s objectives are going to receive; regardless of location.

Foo Dog provides professional and caring crews and quality gear with A-Class project management and reporting.

Types of meetings we can assist you with

  • Consultant Meetings

  • Speaker Training 

  • Patient Advocate 

  • Investigator 

  • Peer-to-Peer

  • Continuing Medical Education 

  • Train the Trainer 

  • Divisional/Regional Follow Up 

  • Advisory "Ad" Board 


Galas & Entertainment

Ideas that inspire.
Productions that deliver.
Deliver your message through the right blend of emotion, style and elegance; infused with the perfect amount of excitement and surprise to make the evening especially memorable.

Our party design services include:

  • Ambiance and  Décor 

  • Furniture/Furnishings

  • Entertainment-Games and Activates 

  • Party Design 

  • Headline Entertainment 

  • Lighting Design

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The Show Must Go Online! Trust us with your next event.


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