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Over 20 years of our amazing teams creating and delivering memorable event experiences.

Foo Dog Productions specializes in connecting audiences worldwide
through the design of quality
messaging and 
memorable experiences.

 We are focused on
 Creative & Event Design and Content Development. We enjoy what we do, and we embrace
who we do it with. We deliberately

keep company with great people; customers, employees, and vendors alike.

Our services include: 

Live Events

Increase audience engagement and build company culture

Hybrid Solutions

A strategy that evaluates a combination of Virtual and

Live Events

Virtual Events

Guidance through the vast virtual event landscape

Content Development

Videos, animations and graphic design optimized for

virtual environments


Engaging modules focused on training and retention designed with your audience in mind

Professional Moderators

Offering moderators for any target group, any topic and any meeting-format.

Presenter and

Speaker Coaching

Engaging modules focused on training and retention designed with your audience in mind.

LIVE Meetings

The "In-House Alternative"

Edu-tainment & Gamification - Headline

Fun, Reinforcement, Retention

Galas & Celebrations

Our Experience Delivers


Who we are

Foo Dog at its core, is a zenful balance of people, creativity and process. Our artisans, designers, producers, project managers, engineers and technicians intentionally create emotional connections that deliver key messages that inform, influence and motivate

your audience.

Your meeting objectives are our primary responsibility, and we are committed to accomplishing your objectives at every show and event.


 Trust us with your next event. Drop us a line, we'll be happy to help!

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