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Experience Because We’ve Done It.
Reputation Because We’ve Done It Well.

For us at Foo Dog Productions, your successful event is our business, and we’re not satisfied unless an event is planned and executed flawlessly. Our commitment to our clients’ success is why we have long-standing partnerships with so many brands across so many industries; some of them going back 20 years.
Our partners include:
  • Pharmaceutical and Bio-Technology
    "Experienced and professional under pressure." With Well over a thousand pharmacutical meetings under our belt, we are well-versed in the detailed needs of the highly regulated pharmacutical and bio-tech industry.
  • Beverage
    Great people. Remarkable hospitaity. Genuine camaraderie. When you bring these together, unforgettable moments and unbeatable experiences are bound to happen. Here's to the past ten years of our education in hospitality and friendship that has resulted in long- lasting partnerships with beer, wine and spirits distributors around the globe. Cheers!
  • Restaurants / Food
    Craft unique and memorable experiences by blending presentation technology with a cluture of family, friends anbd food, Foo Dog Productions is proud to service some of the best-known brands in the restaurent and food service industry.
  • A Mixture of...
    Our clients include diverse industries with unique production needs to collaborate, train and insprie.

 Trust us with your next event.Drop us a line, we'll be happy to help!

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